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Our consulting services support both junior and senior executives in the biopharma industry by focusing on the core corporate, R&D and business functions. We provide methodologies that help managers to significantly improve their companies' returns on R&D and marketing investments. To ensure successful implementation, we also offer Ad hoc, on spot wet R&D training mainly around immune and cell-based therapies.

Asset Valuation

We offer technical and business DD services for private, institutional investors, VCs and biopharma companies. This activity can be a part of an investment process, in/out-licensing opportunity for specific technologies, or screening for specific technologies according to our client's specific wish-list. In the case of very large projects, we mostly join larger international consultancy firms, such as Catenion.

Business development

Our strength in this process is based not only on the business matchmaking itself, but also in directing the technology and/or product to the best market niche. When needed, this includes additional studies followed by preparation of relevant materials. This service is offered for a range of clients, namely, TTOs, biopharma companies and VCs, looking at defined portfolio companies.

IP Strategy & Management

Intellectual property is the core asset but also one of the biggest expenses of TTO and biopharma companies. It is therefore critical to carefully manage IP-related budget, as part of the overall IP strategy. We mainly assist TTOs and small clients to maximize the value of their IP portfolio in the most cost-effective manner. Under this capacity, we can also introduce ideas for new IP.

Project Management and CRO activities

As part of the intimate interaction with our clients, either a biopharma company or an investor, we learned that very frequently they face a fundamental issue in R&D that could boost their business goals, but they are unable to address the science and development challenges in a reasonable time and cost. Here we aim to tailor a CRO-based solution using our lab and team, linked to hands-on project management. Tasks can vary from a short project with clear endpoints to long ongoing activities, in which our teams assist as an integral part of the client's R&D and development groups. There are multiple layers of values of this service for any organization.

  • Get an external objective validation for the client's immunology-based ideas.

  • Save time and money.

  • Get ahead of competitors with new invention/s and IP.

  • Mentoring and upgrading client's workers.

For more information on this service please refer to our brochure.

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