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Biopharma investment & management (BIM), is a boutique management consulting firm and a CRO for R&D in Immunology.

BIM was founded in 2016 by Dr Lior Carmon to help technology transfer offices (TTOs), biopharma companies, young entrepreneurs and investors bridging the gap between solid science and successful business. Our dedicated team has excellent scientific knowledge and profound insight into the industry trends. We apply these abilities along with our clients' specific dynamics, in order to tailor a realistic competitive strategy. Our team assists CEOs and business development executives on the strategic levels, as well as working closely with junior R&D teams, to overcome the routine, day to day technological challenges; resulting in an improvement of the overall performances of the organization. BIM's managers and affiliates are very experienced in working with big clients as well as small ones, and no matter size or nature, we can tailor the best solution for any client.

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