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Internal Ventures

IMYUN Pharmaceuticals: a revolutionary plug and play immunotherapy technology to fight tumor resistance

The scientific rationale behind our proprietary technology is to eliminate tumors using immunity that exist in each one of us against known pathogens.

Our lead product, ORION, uses the well known tumor marker Her2/Neu to deliver novel BCG and CMV-derived multi-epitope "Trojan horse" into tumors where they bind multiple MHC molecules and migrate as MHC-epitope complexes to the cell membrane. At that point, tumor cells presenting these multiple MHC-epitope complexes are sensitive to the robust anti-BCG and anti-CMV T-cell immunity pre-exist in cancer patients (See illustration). The novelty of our technology stems from the special properties of signal peptides (SP) as multi-epitopes having a broader MHC binding in each patient and a dedicated ER-localization (our 7 publications in mice and human studies). IMYUN Pharmaceuticals's ORION already completed an in-vitro and in-vivo (mice) POC for tumor specificity, anti-tumor efficacy with a novel ability to change the tumor microenvironment. 

BIM's team has deep experience in tumor immunology, vaccinology, anti-infective biology and biotech entrepreneurship. We worked together for nearly 16 years promoting cancer therapeutic from ideas to advance clinical studies and more recently as an immunology dedicated CRO, for both external in internal projects.

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