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Biopharma investment & management (BIM), is a boutique management consulting firm and A CRO for R&D in Immunology. BIM was founded in 2016 by Dr Lior Carmon to help technology transfer offices (TTOs), biopharma companies, young entrepreneurs and investors bridging the gap between solid science and successful business. Our dedicated team has excellent scientific knowledge and profound insight into the industry trends. We apply these abilities along with our clients’ specific dynamics, in order to tailor a realistic competitive strategy. Our team assists CEOs and business development executives on the strategic levels, as well as working closely with junior R&D teams, to overcome the routine, day to day technological challenges; resulting in an improvement of the overall performances of the organization. BIM's managers and affiliates are very experienced in working with big clients as well as small ones, and no matter size or nature, we can tailor the best solution for any client.

Lior Carmon

Founder, Owner
Dr Lior Carmon, is a biotech entrepreneur with a strong scientific background and in-depth experience in translational medicine. Lior has specialized in immunology mainly immune-oncology, vaccinology and has a proven record of founding, funding and managing life sciences ventures, all the way from a mere idea and into advanced human clinical trials. He has been a pioneer and opinion leader in using signal peptide domains (SPD) to develop superior vaccines. In the last 22 years, Dr Carmon has served as an entrepreneur and executive in key Israeli biotech companies. He is a founder, CEO, and head of R&D at VaxilBio Ltd. which developed SPD-based cancer and tuberculosis vaccines and novel SPD antibodies. He is also a co-founder and VP for business development at two companies in the field of immunology Biokine and CureTech. Dr Carmon has a Ph.D. in immunology (Weizmann Institute), and MBA (Ben-Gurion University), with 25 published scientific articles and patents.

Riva Kovjazin
Head of immune R&D
Dr Riva Kovjazin, is an expert in the field of innate and adaptive Immunology with >40 years of experience in designing and performing basic and clinical immunology. She specializes in advanced study of immunology and epidemiology of conventional infectious diseases. She also spent a few years as a team leader at the Centre for clinical immunology, University of Medicine, Moscow, Russia where she studies Clinical immunology and diagnosis aspects of HIV. From 1997-2007, Dr Kovjazin held various positions at XTL in Cell Biology and Immunology. From 2007-2018, Dr Kovjazin worked at VaxilBio with Dr Carmon and together they established and implemented development methods for novel SPD as cancer vaccine and antibodies in cancer and anti-infective indications.

Ora Horovitz
Head of IP Management
Dr Ora Horovitz is a highly experienced Business Development and IP Strategy professional in the biopharma industry. Working for 23 years at BGN Technologies and Applications of Ben-Gurion University as Senior VP Business Development, Dr Horovitz brings a combination of broad scientific background with managing strategic partnerships and negotiating licensing deals. She is also experienced in liaising between patent attorney firms, company management and inventors formulating and implementing IP strategies. Dr Horovitz has a Ph.D. in molecular biology from the Weizmann Institute.
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